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June 2018
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 Astrals (General Knowledge)

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Gabrielle Warrior Princes

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PostSubject: Astrals (General Knowledge)   Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:59 pm

" />

Ok , I took a screen shot and uploaded it after doing some research. The chart to the right is the % chance of getting a particular Astral in a particular spot. I also labeled the spots so that anyone who looks at this will have a clear understanding of what the chart on the right means.

That being said, I have recently found a "trick" for Astrals. Basically, the "trick" goes like this:

Click Magus & Ceres until Pallas Lights, Then repeat this process until the arrows in between are red, then click Pallas > Ceres > Magus.

The idea here is to keep repeating this process until you get Chiron lit and all of the arrow in between red. This will supposedly increase your chances of getting better Astrals. If you are trying to get Red Orange Astrals; Set your drop down above "one click sell" to "Blue and Below".

There are youtube videos about this, so please use google if you don't understand what I am talking about.
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Gabrielle Warrior Princes

Posts : 9
Join date : 2013-10-05

PostSubject: Re: Astrals (General Knowledge)   Sat Oct 26, 2013 10:22 pm

So This is the Second Screen Shot I took and again did research to post this as well. This  Screenshot has all of the available Astrals listed in it from Green to Red as well as the Exp required to level them.

I would suggest Each Class Post Recommended Astrals for the Class in their respective sections.
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Astrals (General Knowledge)
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