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June 2018
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 [Guide] Party Invites

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PostSubject: [Guide] Party Invites   Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:22 am

Players level 55 and up can now party-up to enjoy special events such as the Amethyst Mine, Circuit Quests, Lost Treasure hunt and more! There’s even a special chat channel just for your party.

How to Party Up:
Players may click another player’s avatar while in Cloud City to view a pull-down menu. Click “Party Invite” to send an invitation to him/her. The Party Invite button can be found in the chat channel, a player’s info list or via the friends list.


  • If both players are not in a party, the invitee is by default the party leader, this can be changed later. All party members can invite others to join.
  • Invites cannot be received when a player is in battle.
  • Party members cannot join multi-player instances such as Multi-player Dungeons, the Arena, Tank Trials, etc. unless they leave the party.
  • Each party can accommodate up to 4 players.
  • Players cannot attack other members of their party while in the Amethyst Mine or Sylph Atoll.
  • Players can locate their other party members via the Map.

To manage the party, players may click the party icon: under their character’s avatar. The party leader can adjust formation, kick players or assign a new leader within this panel. To follow a fellow party member, players should open the Party List and click “Follow.”

If the party leader leaves, the transfer of leadership happens in the same way as it does in Multi-player Dungeons. Players may not follow a fellow party member if they are too far away. A party must have at least two players; otherwise, it will be dissolved automatically. The party list will be hidden in solo scenarios, but the party will still be preserved. Battle mode in Sylph Atoll and Amethyst Mine remains 1v1 which means other party members will not join him/her in battle.
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[Guide] Party Invites
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